I've always loved the laid back atmosphere of a beach house. Give me sea shells and light and airy spaces all day long! I've compiled some of my favorite ways to add a beach feel to any home, whether you live close to the beach or in the middle of the country.

1. Lots of blue and white


Incorporating lots of blue and white colors in your home will automatically make your home feel like it belongs by the seaside. Here are some of my favorite blue and white products that are available online:

Blue striped rug

Blue & White Pillows

Striped blanket


2. Add wicker to your home


Nothing says beach like incorporating wicker into your home. I love the texture it gives and the light feel of it. You can use it in chairs, baskets, and lighting.

Sea grass baskets

Basket light


3. Hang ocean-themed artwork


You know how much I love artwork, and our reclaimed wood ocean paintings make such a beautiful statement! The artwork brings a feeling of the ocean inside and the texture of the wood brings so much authenticity.



4. Hanging chairs


Hanging chairs are such a fun way to bring whimsy to your home, and I think they look particularly great in a beach home.

Hanging macrame chair

Hammock chair

Weaved hanging chair

If you'd like to see many more beach-themed ideas, check out my Pinterest board here!

July 11, 2019 — Aimee Weaver