We had our first Fall Market this weekend, and I wanted to do a quick recap of it so that I don't forget all the details! We opened our home and studio to the public and really had no idea what to expect. And we were blown away by the number of people who came and were interested in our little business! It was so much fun meeting everyone and seeing them in person, rather than talking through email and social media, which is how I typically correspond with customers. To see them face to face and hear their stories was an absolute joy. 

We had a beautiful fall day for the event. And let me tell you, nothing motivates you to clean your house more than knowing people are going to be walking through it! I love the process of getting ready and setting things up. We opened our doors at 10:00 and people were already there waiting. The morning was a bit crazy with lots of people, then it died down a bit in the afternoon. I made the mistake of thinking I could handle the check-out by myself all day, and I wish I would have had someone else take care of it, so that I could talk with people more. It felt rushed at check-out, because there was typically a line of people waiting. My sweet friend Megan helped in the morning to direct people and give instructions, and she also took these photos for me.

We sold many of our signs, as well as pillow covers and jewelry. All the work in preparing for the event was definitely worth it. And I'm already planning another event for next Spring! So if you weren't able to make, I hope you'll be able to come! Enjoy the photos...

October 30, 2017 — Aimee Weaver