July 31, 2017

We live on a small farm with a few acres, and right now we are bursting with flowers and fruit! We have a grove of peach, apple and pear trees, as well as blackberries and blueberries. Picking fruit and preserving them consumes most of my extra time these days. 

I took some photos around the property last night and through I'd share them with you to give you a glimpse of what life looks like right now. There's a small greenhouse on the property that I love to play in. I created the little walkway with pea gravel and rocks beside it this Spring. The flowers beside the greenhouse are zinnias that brighten up the space.


We have three pygmy goats that roam on a little pasture we created behind the greenhouse. They are very low maintenance and have been really fun for the kids to play with.


Our front yard has about 15 peach trees that are producing right now. We have several different varieties that produce at different times, so we have fresh peaches July 1-August 31. It's amazing. I mostly cut and freeze them and make jam with them. And we eat them constantly throughout the day.


We have six small blueberry bushes that are covered under netting to protect them from the birds. Last year they didn't yield anything, but we are getting lots of berries this year.


And we have a grove of apple trees in the back yard that will be ready in September-October.


When we bought the property almost two years ago, there was little to no landscaping, so all the plants are new, and it's been so fun watching everything get bigger every year. I'm a little bit obsessed with roses. I've also loved the lavender and hydrangeas. I'm dreaming of planting a large lavender patch next year.

There are so many thing we are still working on outside, including lots of trees and brush to still clean up around the perimeter of the property, a play area for the kids, and I'd like to plant elderberries and raspberries next year. 


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