April 18, 2016

Our homes tell the story of who we are and what matters to us. One of the reasons I love to see inside people’s homes is because it gives me a glimpse into who they really are, in their most sacred and safe place.

Here are some photos of my signs taken in my customers’ homes…

To grasp how deep is the love of Christ wood sign by Aimee Weaver

Our homes aren’t perfect, in fact most times they’re a mess, and sometimes when we can’t figure out what our style is or how to make our house a home, we give up and don’t even try.

Whatever is true wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

Wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

One of the things I like the most about using meaningful words as artwork is that it brings a piece of what we value most into our space, and it tells our visitors a story.

Words are deeply impactful and have the power to change us. Words can remind us of what truly matters. Of how we want to live our lives.

Love story sign by Aimee Weaver DesignsGod is great, God is good sign by Aimee Weaver DesignsTo grasp how deep is the love of Christ wood sign by Aimee Weaver Designs

If you’d like to add meaning into your home, please visit my website, and I’d be honored to create artwork just for you!

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