If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know how I love to turn junk into something usable and pretty. Since we moved into our new house last week, I’ve been needing more storage solutions for the kiddo’s toys. We had a corner of our mudroom that I turned into a little play area for the kids and needed furniture to store their things.

Randomly, a few weeks ago I saw this old animal hutch at a barn sale and bought it on a whim. It confounded my husband that I actually paid money for it. You would probably have agreed if you had seen it in its original state…chalkboard before

But I saw the potential in its metal cages and big old casters. I took it all apart and cleaned it thoroughly. It was used for animals, so needless to say, it was dirty and smelly. I had some metallic spray paint on hand, and I sprayed the metal parts.

Then I stained the wood sides a darker brown to make it look more finished. Of course, I also had to make some numbered labels for the cages. I used pieces of cardboard that I cut to size and painted black, then painted the numbers on. Free + easy.

I had canvas bins that fit perfectly in the cages, and it now holds a bunch of toys.
chalkboard2 chalkboard3 chalkboard4 chalkboard5 chalkboard6 chalkboard7 chalkboard8

It has been so much fun working on furniture for the new house. There is something so rewarding about giving these old, tired pieces a brand new look! I’m also loving that over-sized chalkboard! It’s perfect for the mudroom. If you want one for yourself, they are available in my website here.

October 21, 2015 — Aimee Weaver