Nursery Update

October 07, 2014

Four years ago we renovated a storage room in the upstairs of our house into a nursery for Jack. Here is what we had to work with. Think paneling on the walls, ugly stained tile ceiling, concrete floor, a door leading to nowhere…
Nursery beforeAfter a lot of work we turned it into a nursery, and through the years I’ve been changing it up every now and then. Because that’s what I do. You understand.

As we are waiting for our little guy in China, I’ve had the itch to make the room a little more boy-friendly. It was Violet’s room when she was a baby, and she is now mostly sharing a room with Avery. So I’ve been doing a little bit of puttering…Aimee Weaver nursery 8 The daybed in the room is an antique crib that I picked up at a yardsale. When our little guy comes home, we will probably put an actual crib in the room for him. Aimee Weaver nursery 9 A handmade branch arrow that I made (tutorial coming soon) and a watercolor I painted…Aimee Weaver nursery 12Aimee Weaver nursery 1 Aimee Weaver nursery 3 Aimee Weaver nursery 4 Aimee Weaver nursery 13 Aimee Weaver nursery 16 This room was an addition built onto the house before we moved in, so the random window over the dresser looks into Jack’s room. I bought some white Chinese lanterns at Michael’s, spray-painted them different shades of blue, and hung them by tacks in the ceiling.Aimee Weaver nursery 18 A watercolor I created for the room. I have a similar print available here.Aimee Weaver nursery 19Aimee Weaver nursery 20We are getting more and more excited about our littlest joining our family! Next Spring we will likely be bringing him home!

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