When I’m at home, I tend to be a goal-oriented, list-checker-offer, always on task, productive machine. I blame it on my German heritage. What can I say?

But take me on away on vacation, minus the off-spring, and I can become totally LIFELESS. In a really good way. Last weekend was a prime example.


Every year my mom, sister, and sisters-in-law go somewhere for a weekend. This year we stayed at this breathtaking beach house in Fenwick Island, DE. It was magnificent. We kept going from room to room, taking it all in. You’ll see what I mean.



We had the most gorgeous weather while we were there. And while my sister and sister-in-law chose to do bike riding and kayaking, I SAT IN A CHAIR and just soaked it in. I spent time digging into some quality reading materials like People and In Style magazines and got caught up on the latest movie star news (I’m woefully uneducated in this area).  I also spent quite a bit of time just staring into the ocean. I mean, really, it would have been wrong not to.








I’m so thankful for the girls in my family and for a husband who took care of the kids without one complaint. What an awesome weekend it was.  Sunsets over the water, amazing food, deep chats, lots of laughing. Just what this girl needed.


October 02, 2013 — Aimee Weaver