Silhouette Love

April 04, 2011

Since silhouettes are the rage right now (sorry if you’re sick of seeing them!), I’ve been wanting to make some of my kiddos to hang in our family room and finally took the time to do it.
I re-used canvases that I had painted words onto (see the post here). As you probably already figured out, I like to change things up quite regularly, to say the least. I painted the profiles right over the wording, cuz I’m cheap and didn’t want to buy new canvases for the project.
Here’s how I made them, in case you want to make them, too. It’s pretty simple.
I took pictures of the kids’ side profiles and printed them out, black & white, on regular paper. Nothing fancy. 
Pardon Avery’s bed head.
Then I put carbon paper behind the picture and traced the profile onto the canvas.

Next I painted the profile using craft paint and a small brush. You could also use a paint pen if you wanted.

And there you have it! A fun little personalized project!

Hubs thought the baby looked like Herbert Hoover, but other than that, I think the profiles look just like the kids! : )
Happy Monday!

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