One Month

December 06, 2010

So Miss Violet is now one month old. How time flies! Honestly, it’s been a very challenging month. She still is a very good, content baby, but the older two kiddos wear me out at times!

Jack has decided that he is now a two-year-old and loves to tear the house apart. And Avery has decided that she needs to take care of disciplining him, which he obviously just loves (yeah, right).

Remember that laundry chute I told you about in the last post? Well, last week Jack emptied out his entire dresser of clothes, socks, pjs, you name it, and threw it all down the chute. Nice. I guess he thought I looked bored and needed something to do.

Three little kiddos = not much free time for this tired mama!

Anyway, enough complaining!! Violet gave us her first real smile for the first time this weekend! It’s so fun to see some interaction from her! Makes me look forward to all the “firsts” that we’ll see in the coming months.

She is such a little sweetie and so far has kept all of her beautiful black hair that I just can’t get enough of. We love her to pieces!!

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