Summertime around our house: the good, the bad, the ugly

July 25, 2009

It’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and I took some pictures around our house…

My yard sale patio set…

Front of our house…

Cloth diapers hanging in the sunshine…

Behind the house…

You may have been wondering about the title of my post. Well, here’s the BAD! It’s an empty, dirty part of our backyard that we have yet to do anything with. In the meantime, it serves as the dumping ground for weeds, parking lot for our old trailer, and is my fancy “outdoor art studio” (aka. where I spraypaint junky furniture).

The UGLY: speaking of junky furniture, I picked up this baby at Goodwill yesterday for a song. Can’t wait to tackle it with my sander and a can of paint!

I’ll be sure to update you when I’m done with it!

Enjoy your weekend!

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