I wanted to create some artwork for behind Avery's bed but because of the current lockdown and inability to go out shopping, I decided to make something out of things I already had on hand.
Luckily, I had a large blank canvas from a project from several years ago. So I simply sketched a rainbow onto the canvas. Because I wanted it to be imperfect, I just freehanded it, then painted it with acrylic craft paint in various shades of pink.

I love how it turned out! There is a vent on the wall behind the canvas that I wanted to cover up, so this was the perfect solution.

The cute macrame pendant light was from Amazon for a really great price! You can find it here. The large pom pom pillows were also from Amazon here.

We created this hanging daybed for Avery several years ago, and you can see the details here. We made it from reclaimed wood and hung it to the ceiling with ropes. 

 Watch my YouTube video of the DIY here.

April 15, 2020 — Aimee Weaver