April 10, 2017

I created a centerpiece for our new kitchen island, and I thought I'd share the steps with you. It is a super-simple way of creating a centerpiece for spring and summer! You can grow this grass in any type of container, and it is really inexpensive. 

I'll share the steps below...


You'll start with a container. I used a tin from Hobby Lobby that I painted white (of course I did). You'll also need a bag of potting soil and a bag of winter wheat berries, which I bought from Amazon


I soaked the berries in water overnight. Then filled the container with potting soil.


I sprayed the potting soil with water to moisten it.


Then I scattered the berries/seeds into the soil. I made an even layer of seeds and left them uncovered by the soil.


And that's it! I sprayed the seed with water twice a day for about 8 days, put it in a sunny spot and they sprouted into this grass...


It is a very fast growing grass that can be cut and used in smoothies or just for decor. It would be a great idea to use for an inexpensive wedding centerpiece.

Happy growing!


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