I needed some artwork in Sawyer's room, so I decided to make a woodland style wall hanging, and I thought I'd share the process. It's so easy and literally took me less than 15 minutes to put together and cost less than $15.

Here's what I used to create the wall hanging:

1. Woodland poster from Amazon. It measures 20" x 28" and is under $10. I really love this poster! It's a nice matte paper and looks vintage.

2. Two wood dowel rods 36" long from Walmart. Home improvement store carries these as well.

3. String

4. Stapler

I cut the dowel rods to the size I wanted them, which was 22" long. Then I stapled the back of the poster to the rods, like this photo...















I tied string to the ends of the rods and that's it! I hung it from a small nail on the wall. It's a really simple project that looks great!

September 03, 2019 — Aimee Weaver