I needed to find a dresser to put into Sawyer's room, so decided to use one that I already had and just give it a makeover. I found the dresser at Goodwill a few years ago and originally it was painted in different shades of turquoise, which I liked, but the colors weren't going to work in the new space.

I decided to go with a two toned look, painting the body of the dresser black and stripping the paint from the drawer fronts and staining them.

The drawers were covered with a wood veneer that I scraped off to expose the beautiful wood underneath. I sanded the wood drawer fronts so that the paint all came off, then stained them with Minwax Early American stain. The reason I painted the top drawer black was because the wood on that drawer was a different variety than the others (it was Poplar) and had a green tint that didn't take the stain well.

For the body of the dresser, I first painted it with BIN primer, then painted it a solid black color. It need two coats, and when the paint was dry, I sanded with edges with sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

For the drawer pulls, I decided to make some out of leftover pieces of leather that I have on hand. I followed this tutorial and bought the carriage bolts at Lowe's. It was a really easy project, and I love how unique the hardware is!

If you would like to see video of me working on this dresser, go to my Instagram page and click on the "Dresser re-do" highlight.

September 09, 2019 — Aimee Weaver