I saw a photo of violas that were hanging with string in the April 2017 edition of Better Homes & Gardens and fell in love with the idea. But I wanted to use a plant that would last longer and not need as much watering. Succulents to the rescue!


I created some to hang over the vintage sink in our mudroom. Here is the very simple process.


You'll need:

:: twine

:: bagged moss (can find at greenhouses or craft stores)

:: succulents


:: Spread the moss around the roots of the succulent (this is easier with two people, but I did it myself and it worked fine)

:: Then wrap twine around the moss to keep it in place. This is a little tricky, but just go for it. 

:: Tie a separate string to the string holding the moss in place to create a hanger.





To water them, you can soak the plant in water about once a week, then re-hang them. But I just pour a bit of water onto the top of the succulent and since they are hanging above the sink, the water drips into that and it's fine.

You could use a lot of different types of flowers for this project. It would be amazing to hang flowers with strings from trees for an outdoor event. How pretty would that be?? This succulent DIY was such an easy and fun little project!


May 29, 2017 — Aimee Weaver