Two Toned Dresser DIY

Two Toned Dresser DIY

I needed to find a dresser to put into Sawyer's room, so decided to use one that I already had and just give it a makeover. I found the dresser at Goodwill a few years ago and originally it was painted in different shades of turquoise, which I liked, but the colors weren't going to work in the new space.

I decided to go with a two toned look, painting the body of the dresser black and stripping the paint from the drawer fronts and staining them.

The drawers were covered with a wood veneer that I scraped off to expose the beautiful wood underneath. I sanded the wood drawer fronts so that the paint all came off, then stained them with Minwax Early American stain. The reason I painted the top drawer black was because the wood on that drawer was a different variety than the others (it was Poplar) and had a green tint that didn't take the stain well.

For the body of the dresser, I first painted it with BIN primer, then painted it a solid black color. It need two coats, and when the paint was dry, I sanded with edges with sandpaper to give it a distressed look.

For the drawer pulls, I decided to make some out of leftover pieces of leather that I have on hand. I followed this tutorial and bought the carriage bolts at Lowe's. It was a really easy project, and I love how unique the hardware is!

If you would like to see video of me working on this dresser, go to my Instagram page and click on the "Dresser re-do" highlight.

September 09, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
DIY Woodland Wall Hanging

DIY Woodland Wall Hanging

I needed some artwork in Sawyer's room, so I decided to make a woodland style wall hanging, and I thought I'd share the process. It's so easy and literally took me less than 15 minutes to put together and cost less than $15.

Here's what I used to create the wall hanging:

1. Woodland poster from Amazon. It measures 20" x 28" and is under $10. I really love this poster! It's a nice matte paper and looks vintage.

2. Two wood dowel rods 36" long from Walmart. Home improvement store carries these as well.

3. String

4. Stapler

I cut the dowel rods to the size I wanted them, which was 22" long. Then I stapled the back of the poster to the rods, like this photo...















I tied string to the ends of the rods and that's it! I hung it from a small nail on the wall. It's a really simple project that looks great!

September 03, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
Neutral Boys Room Makeover

Neutral Boys Room Makeover

For the past few weeks, I've been updating Sawyer's bedroom, and it's been a fun little project! I started off by painting the walls Combed Cotton by PPG Pittsburgh Paints, which I used because I had the leftover paint from a different room. It's a very soft cream color that worked really well in the room.

The bed and nightstand came from a local Habitat For Humanity Restore. I painted them both black. Most of the pieces in this room were thrifted, although the black and white rug came from Walmart. The buffalo check blanket also came from Walmart.

The hanging shelf above the bed was a project that I made a few years ago. You can see more details here.

The dresser was a piece that I bought at Goodwill and re-did. I'll share that project soon!

The poster came from Amazon here, and I added the wooden dowels to hang it.

August 29, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
Desk Makeover

Desk Makeover

Violet has wanted a new desk in her room for a while now, since her old one didn't have any drawers and wasn't very functional. I was shopping at Habitat for Humanity's Restore last week and found one that was the perfect size for the little nook in her room!

The desk was solid wood but pretty worn out. Here's what it looked like when I bought it...

And here's what it looks like now...

Here's what I did:

1. I painted the whole desk with one coat of B-I-N primer. This is my favorite primer to cover wood, but it is very thin and can splatter easily. It covers stained wood incredibly well with no sanding required. You can buy it here.

2. I gave the desk (except the top) two coats of white spraypaint. This is my favorite kind to use.

3. I painted the top in two coats of Waverly chalk paint in Moss. It's available at Walmart.

4. I changed out the hardware and used these label pulls.

5. I distressed the edges of the wood with a sandpaper block that you can find here.

The desk is so sweet! And also super functional, which is a double win in my book. I'm sure it will get used hard and have marks all over it soon and will never look this clean again, because Violet is such a creative girl and is constantly making things. But I'm so happy she has a space to create in!

July 31, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
3 Tips for caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

3 Tips for caring for your Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

I have several Fiddle Leaf Fig plants and there's a reason they are so popular right now. They are beautiful and make a statement in any space with their large, pear shaped leaves. They tend to be tall and narrow, so they fit well in small spaces as well.

They can be a bit finicky to care for, but I've had great luck with mine and highly encourage getting one for your home! I'm not an expert on plants by any means, but I've learned a few things along the way.

Here are three basic tips that have helped my Fiddle Leaf Figs stay healthy:

1. Water your plant once a week. Without fail. And make sure your pot has holes on the bottom for proper drainage. I give my large plant 2 cups of water every week, and I give my smaller plant around 1 cup of water. If plants don’t get enough water, new leaves will turn brown and drop; if they are overwatered, the oldest leaves (toward the base of the plant) will turn brown and fall off.

2. Good light. Set your plant in a place where it will get lots of indirect sunlight and don't move it around much. My plants seem to thrive when they are placed next to a window.

3. Make sure your pot is large enough. As my plants have grown, I've re-potted them multiple times. Each time I re-pot them, they seem to grow faster. Use a pot that's bigger than you think you need, so the roots have plenty of room to expand.

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants can be found at your local greenhouse or occasionally at big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. The larger the plant, the higher the price will be. If you want to try a faux plant that you don't need to worry about caring for, here is a good option on Amazon.

July 19, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
4 ways to add a beach feel to your home

4 ways to add a beach feel to your home

I've always loved the laid back atmosphere of a beach house. Give me sea shells and light and airy spaces all day long! I've compiled some of my favorite ways to add a beach feel to any home, whether you live close to the beach or in the middle of the country.

1. Lots of blue and white


Incorporating lots of blue and white colors in your home will automatically make your home feel like it belongs by the seaside. Here are some of my favorite blue and white products that are available online:

Blue striped rug

Blue & White Pillows

Striped blanket


2. Add wicker to your home


Nothing says beach like incorporating wicker into your home. I love the texture it gives and the light feel of it. You can use it in chairs, baskets, and lighting.

Sea grass baskets

Basket light


3. Hang ocean-themed artwork


You know how much I love artwork, and our reclaimed wood ocean paintings make such a beautiful statement! The artwork brings a feeling of the ocean inside and the texture of the wood brings so much authenticity.



4. Hanging chairs


Hanging chairs are such a fun way to bring whimsy to your home, and I think they look particularly great in a beach home.

Hanging macrame chair

Hammock chair

Weaved hanging chair

If you'd like to see many more beach-themed ideas, check out my Pinterest board here!

July 11, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
New printables available now!

New printables available now!

I created a new collection of art printables that are now available in the shop here! They make very easy and inexpensive artwork. Simply print on your home computer, pop them into a frame and hang!


June 20, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
DIY Spritzer Bar For A Party

DIY Spritzer Bar For A Party

For my sign workshop a few weeks ago, I decided to create a non-alcoholic spritzer bar with the help of my friend Lindsay who has an event rental company called Caroline's Rentals. And I love how it turned out! It was such a fun way to serve the drinks at the workshop. 

I created four different recipes for drinks that people could make. This is what I chose:

1. Peach Mint Spritzer // peach syrup + sparkling water + mint + lime slices

2. Elderberry Spritzer // elderberry syrup + sparkling water + lemon slices

3. Raspberry Spritzer // raspberry syrup + sparkling water + fresh raspberries + mint

4. Strawberry Pineapple Spritzer // pineapple syrup + sparkling water + fresh strawberries + lemon slices

I bought the syrups from HomeGoods, but you can easily make them yourself. There are lots of recipes on Pinterest for them. And we put the syrups into these cute bottles. We also had a small dish of lemon juice and a small dish of pink sugar so that people sugar their goblet rims. We had small glass shot glasses that they could use to measure the syrup to put into their goblets, then they filled the rest of the goblet with sparkling water and garnished it with lemons/limes/fresh fruit and mint.

The cute napkins were from Amazon. The straws were from Amazon as well. Luckily for me, Lindsay collects the glass goblets that we used, and now I am officially a collector as well. They are so fun and easy to pick up from thrift stores!

A spritzer bar is perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower, or summertime party! You can make your own recipe and garnish the drinks with anything that might be in season. You can make it as simple or complicated as you'd like, and it's a fun addition to any party! 

May 22, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
Mother & Daughter Workshop

Mother & Daughter Workshop

Last week I held a Mother & Daughter Workshop at the beautiful Zole Space, and it was so much fun! We had forty mothers and daughters come and create their own special wood sign. Lindsay from Caroline's Rentals helped with the decor, making the space even more beautiful. And photographer Alyssa Bunton did a fabulous job taking photos for us!

Enjoy these photos of the event!

May 13, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
Open shelves in mudroom

Open shelves in mudroom

When we finished our mudroom cabinet project (see it here), I decided to repaint the whole room and give the wall with our sink a makeover. And I'm so happy with how it turned out! I was debating between going with a white or dark color for the walls, and in the end, I decided to paint one wall dark and the rest in white (Benjamin Moore Simply White is my favorite).

The wall color behind the sink is Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. I decided to install open shelves above the sink and rummaged through our workshop until I found the perfect boards. That is one of the perks of constantly having reclaimed barnwood available in the shop! I didn't even have to cut them to size - they were perfect at 6" deep x 48" long. And the color was perfect too. I didn't stain them or put a finish on them. I just left them as is.
We attached the shelves to the wall by putting long screws into the bottom of the boards at an angle and into the wall. I have to be careful about how much weight I put on the shelves, because it won't hold anything too heavy. But I prefer to have this look rather than using brackets.
I styled the shelves with old books, plants, pottery, jars and whatever I could find around that house that I felt went well together. The painting came from Goodwill. I try to think about the height of items to balance out the shelves. And I also want the colors to coordinate and look cohesive.
For this space, I wanted it to feel natural and organic, so I used greens, browns, white, and touches of gold. You can find so many items for shelves at thrift stores or by just looking around your house. 
April 26, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
My favorite Pinterest boards

My favorite Pinterest boards

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm sure I'm not alone in my love of Pinterest. It is incredibly helpful as I plan out ideas for my home, DIY and of course recipes! I came up a lot of my ideas for our new mudroom cabinets by searching Pinterest. Many of the decor ideas I used in the coffee shop that I designed last year came from Pinterest as well. I've become so dependent on it, so I thought I'd share my favorite Pinterest boards in case you'd like to follow them as well!

1. Do-It-Yourself Projects Board - I post DIY ideas that I want to try here. 

2. Kitchen Ideas Board - I'm constantly finding new decor ideas for the kitchen that I post here.

3. Gardening Ideas Board - Gardening is definitely my favorite hobby right now, and I'm especially obsessed with it this time of year! 

4. Aimee Weaver Designs Board - If you need ideas for a sign, you'll find loads of inspiration on this board! This is where I post lots of our custom signs.

5. Bedroom Ideas Board - I'm always looking for new ideas for our bedroom, and this is where I post them.

Do you use Pinterest too? It's such a helpful platform for gathering inspiration and organizing ideas!

Click the link below to follow me on Pinterest!


April 17, 2019 — Aimee Weaver
Our mudroom cabinets

Our mudroom cabinets

We have a fairly large mudroom that was added to our home before we moved in, and we've always wanted to install some cabinetry to make good use of the space. We looked into getting some cheap cabinets from IKEA, but decided it would be a better idea to find used cabinets that were better quality, since they will get used heavily.

Here's what the finished project looks like!

We looked at Craiglist and found this large entertainment center. The cabinets were in great shape, so we decided to buy them. We got a good deal on them, because my husband took them out so that the homeowners didn't have to. He worked as a cabinet installer in his previous job, so he has lots of experience in that line of work. Lucky for me!

It didn't cost us much for the cabinetry (a few hundred dollars), but it did take a lot of time to reconfigure the cabinets to make them work for our space. That's something my husband is great at doing. He painted them Benjamin Moore Simply White in the Advance quality (satin finish), which is specifically made for doors, trim and cabinetry. I highly recommend it! It doesn't show the brush strokes and is super durable.

After the cabinets were done, he installed a piece of walnut wood for the bench that he happened to have on hand. We found some leftover old wood in our little horse barn that we used to create the shiplap behind the bench.

The sign is from our shop here.

Now each child has a hook for their coat and a hook for their backpack. He also created cubbies inside one of the cabinets for their gloves and hats. We wanted to have space for their shoes and boots, so he made room for them under the bench.

We love how this project turned out! It definitely took time to put together, but I would highly recommend checking around for used cabinetry if you are wanting some custom cabinets in your home. It was worth the work!

April 10, 2019 — Aimee Weaver